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    April 20, 2011




    The CIO can become the Chief Innovation Officer and shed the unofficial title of Chief No! Officer. Mobility is vitally important to any business as a majority of their work force is not in a stationary location for much of their work day.

    This isn't just the white collar, knowledge workers who want to keep up with email. It includes the "blue collar" Operations people that make, store, sell, deliver, install and service all the products of the business. Extend that to the Vendors and their employees and the Customer and their employees and you have a mandate that mobility be woven into the fabric of your company.

    Traditional architectures, such as those used by ERP and Best of Breed applications, do not support the agile, collaborative, social and mobile business apps that business requires. The data, process and technology needs of business move way too fast for these dinosaurs to keep pace. That does not require that the old systems be ripped out and replaced, or modified or even integrated.

    Operating systems of a mobile device are irrelevant. Client based "apps" for business just don't make any sense in 2011. Browser based Apps that allow the user, whether employee, vendor or customer, to access the business process, communication and collaboration 'app' are device agnostic. Removing the device level control and responsibility out of the hands of IT. That saves a ton of work that can now be put to innovation. offers a next generation of enterprise computing that protects the existing investments while making innovation immediate, measurable and repeatable. We decouple the data, process and technology constraints of the existing enterprise software. Without any change to those systems, thereby eliminating risk, business can now enhance the process to fit by adding missing data, aligning the process and adding new technology.

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