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    November 22, 2008



    SAP is both inconsistent in their positions (reflecting a deeper inner conflict) and too often wrong just in denial. The still believe SaaS is 'just a delivery model' ?

    Check out the writeup from an event at their Palo Alto office.

    I guess that's just more of that Silicon Valley nonsense?

    Microsoft announces the future is coming and it is the cloud, Oracle embraces it while Larry ridicules others - though he personally owns significant stakes in two of the SaaS leaders - and SAP, we'll they're still trying to figure out if they are in or not.

    Lets recap SAP's positions
    - Business By Design will quickly dominate the industry !
    - Uh wait, its harder than we thought, it will be at least 6-12 months delayed :(
    - We just got Wookey to run our large enterprise on-demand strategy !
    - Actually we are still trying to figure out his role :(
    - We are slowing BBD because of the economic implications (e.g. we can't fleece customers which we did earlier this year by raising maintenance)
    - Oh, you're interested in on-demand, never mind what we said, check out

    Crystal Clear.

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    this economic crisis must must be solve right now!

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