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    October 14, 2008



    Good discussion.
    Do you have the resource for this info :
    1. 470 xabytes of information
    2. 1.9 billion trade every 60 mins
    3. 50% worlds business transactions touch an SAP system with 75000 customers
    4. 1000 people join the SAP community network everyday, 12th largest in the EU
    5. 52 countries collab in teched
    6. 4500 people attending SAP teched


    Well...although I agree with most of the above ..each one can have their own opinion..but it definitely makes one think ...its good to see people collaborating and sharing their thoughts with others and trying to participate in discussions...we need to encourage this spirit.


    Business Strategy the chances are that you will have a lot of new information about the company that you should read and learn, to be successful. You might not grasp all the information overnight, but you can start the foundation of long term success.

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