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    December 18, 2007


    Dane Anderson

    Thank you for covering our predictions and sharing a good observation. I agree that a lack of skills will be a challenge for SOA adoption, but we believe the momentum for SOA is so strong across the region that this issue will be overcome enough to generate strong market growth.

    Moreover, our survey of enterprises that have implemented SOA and those that have not indicates that although skills are a challenge and inhibitor, they are not among the top 5 issues challenging SOA implementations or top 5 barriers in the minds of the organizations that have not implemented SOA. Nevertheless, I think you made an astute observation and we appreciate it.

    -Dane Anderson, Springboard CEO

    Prashanth Rai

    Dan, Thanks for the comment.

    Interesting that Talent availability isn't perceived by companies as one of the top inhibitors for the adoption of SOA.

    Was wondering if one of the reasons companies didn't experience the "SOA skills shortage " is because they are looking SOA only in limited scope & in a very localized manner leveraging pre-built web service based functionalities?

    A couple of quick questions to understand this better -
    What are the top 5 inhibitors?
    Where (Department, Application Set) is SOA getting implemented or is it enterprise wide?
    What is the most common deployment mode?

    Prashanth Rai

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