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    December 07, 2007


    vinnie mirchandani

    Prashanth, always a pleasure to spend time with you. Hope you got a decent seat back -)

    Customers are paying in a big way for do not have such a large community and so much time writing stuff and reading happening on personal time. The question is how are SAP and partners compensating customers for that either in lowered SAP maintenance or lower outsourcing charges or some other tangible way. Helping younger staff of outsourcers is not payback to customers - frankly they are not happy with the average age of Indian outsourcers are 24 as I wrote below.

    SAP likes to talk about SDN in numerical terms. I would like to see the conversation moved to specific payback areas - like your scenario 2...or some that I have raised... or others...that was my questions through out the breakout. Show me payback, show me improvements over the years...

    talk in customer terms...they are the real "partner" in all this...


    Hey...what is all this big deal about SAP?

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